Do you know the first computational platform devoted to addressing the need to promptly respond to pandemic crisis ? Chelonia is also working on this.   
While many organizations seek opportunities to apply existing technical solutions, Chelonia’s problem-first approach begins by looking at existing gaps and then seeking to develop new technologies or looking at existing ones in response to the needs.  

Artist and designer Laura Couto Rosado spent three months at CERN with particle physicist James Beacham, member of Chelonia scientific committee,  exploring the techniques physicists use to extract complex patterns from the universe.

Novel biomarkers discovery by application of Machine Learning with microbiome and multiomics datasets to augment precision and personalized medicine is an hot topic here at Chelonia Applied Science.

The  clinically validated tool allows for application in areas of inflammaging, oncology and metabolic disorders in order to design novel treatment/intervention modalities by harnessing the microbiome as a therapeutic tool.

PI Jay Siddharth PhD, member of the Chelonia Scientific Committee and biotech corporations' CSO..Jay is scientist with broad experience in microbiology, drug discovery, food biotechnology, gastrointestinal health and microbiome research specialist with years of industry research experience with big companies like Nestlé and Novartis.

Coletti Biotechnologies LLC is developing a compact portable device for DNA/RNA analyses without the need for conventional laboratories that will enable cost-effective performance of genetic tests. It is conceived for the diagnosis and follow-up of patients with different diseases.

PI Prof. Danilo Francesco Tiziano MD, member of the Chelonia Scientific Committee and Professor of Genetic Medicine at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome. Danilo is the top-scientist responsible of the discovery of new biomarkers in Spinal Muscular Atrophy.   

Improvement in Artificial Intelligence and advances in robotic technologies have finally made performance-enhancing exoskeletons a reality. They’re already being used to rehabilitate injuries, while other suits can now even offer superhuman strength. 

PI Prof. Antonio Frisoli, member of the Chelonia Scientific Committee and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Pisa, Italy) and head of the Human-Robot Interaction area at PERCRO laboratory of TeCIP and chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Haptics.    

How we work

Most leaders think of disruption as a force that happens to you in the market, not something you proactively design to redefine and drive change in the competitive environment in your category. Then conventional wisdom is that only disruptive, nimble startups can innovate; once a business gets bigger and more complex, corporate arteriosclerosis sets in.   Chelonia Applied Science thanks to the “Creative Construction” yields a new perspective about how bigger companies can leverage scale for competitive advantage in innovation. We identify the structural forces of change working to disrupt your business model or industry so you can see emerging opportunities and determine the optimal way to respond.  Our unique approach to analyzing and mapping industries produces tangible insights that reveal market inefficiencies and vulnerabilities.  Our model identifies potential for substitutions that are enabled by technological progress.  

Prior to significant R&D investment in fundamental research or product development, businesses must consider current and emerging technology, the market forces driving adoption, and the intellectual property positions that can enhance or compromise competitive advantage. Business leaders need this unique perspective to guide investment decisions regarding the pursuit of new technologies. Chelonia Technology Landscape Reviews unpack the opportunity space.  We identify market trends and offer a sophisticated technical analysis that details established, emerging, and competing technology, potential collaborations and partnerships, intellectual property position, and innovation gaps that need to be evaluated properly.  Chelonia works collaboratively with your business to define and narrow the key dimensions requiring analysis.  

We design a unique and new business blueprint that can be funded, launched, and operated. It delivers a cohesive set of blueprint documents that tie together all the essential elements necessary to raise funding, recruit management, secure partners, and gather enabling technologies.  These cover the business model, the business plan, financial models, financial structures, identification of needed enabling technologies, addressable market analysis, product/service design core elements, and evaluation of potential customers.   

Our business blueprint design is a turnkey solution.  A venture design hands you a ‘ready to build’ blueprint that you can execute and operate.  

Chelonia Applies Science is house for outstanding scientists, for offices of technology development and R&D corporate people.  We are managing a large international network of inventors and academic researchers specialists in translational science. Our fields of interest are:  life sciences, robotics, computer science, energy, space, science of materials.   Artificial intelligence is part of our "nuts and bolts" kit:  AI is the general-purpose “method of invention” that can reshape the nature of the innovation process and the organization of R&D. Members of the Chelonia Applied Science advisory board is here.  Finally we believe that we must stay alert and seek to reconcile the inevitable dilemmas that arise as technology offers new opportunities in research and development and as societal attitudes and norms change.



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