Welcome to the official site of Chelonia Applied Science, a competence center and interdisciplinary globally distributed team physically hosted at the Innovation Office of University of Basel.  We investigate novel concepts that underlie the complexities of disruptive innovations, we disseminate and exploit the results of  R&D platforms.  Our activity is supported by funding from the governments, philanthropic foundations and innovation-driven companies.   Read more.

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To accelerate the translation of research discoveries into real-life applications for industry and end-user benefit. We support academia, industry, people (i.e. associations of patients) and policy makers.

Chelonia Collaborations bring together groups of outstanding scientists to address topics of fundamental importance

A next pandemic will again take lives and livelihoods. Climate change threatens to drown cities and disrupt food supplies. Economic growth widens inequalities. These are some of the urgent problems society is wrestling with, where science is critical to our progress. We contribute by implementing the scientific thinking model at all scales.  Finally, we consider the “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDG) from the United Nations the ultimate rationale for decision-making in investment criteria from society at large.  Chelonia  is committed to join projects that answer at least 3 of the 17 SDG goals.   

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Zenodo is the open-access repository developed under the European OpenAIRE program and operated by CERN. It allows researchers to deposit research papers, data sets, research software, reports.

Chelonia fields of interest

across sectors and geographies seeking to identify R&D platforms
and to advise leaders and big players with highest growth potential of our generation

  • Targeted Therapeutics

  • Bioinformatics 

  • Genomic Revolution 

  • Energy Production and Storage

  • Agriculture 4.0

  • Robotics

  • High-Performance Computing 

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Chelonia communicates science 

Exploiting social channels, Chelonia illuminates basic and applied research telling the stories of projects, scientists and entrepreneurs that decided to adopt breakthrough technologies. 

Chelonia Podcast series provides excellent reporting on applied areas of science such as health, medicine, technology, engineering and the environment. Yearly, we organize in-person and virtual events to disseminate results from scientific projects.  The strong, well connected presence in Basel sparkling community – at the hearth of trinational region Switzerland-France-Germany – and international collaborations in all continents with academia and industry characterize Chelonia commitment in communication, dissemination and exploitation activities.

The right leadership 

Silvano Coletti, who collaborated with some of the most brilliant minds and scientists of last century as 1977 Nobel laureate Prof. Ilya Prigogine, is the executive director. He is graduate engineer with specialization in computational engineering and mathematics. At the date, Universitat Rovira i Virgili is his scientific affiliation collaborating with Soft Matter Theory Group. He is internationally recognized as innovation-driven entrepreneur. He built and led advanced project organizations with listed corporations and Fortune500 as well.


The Chelonia scientific committee is chaired by Prof. Arieh Warshel - Nobel Laureate 2013 in Chemistry and one of the most influential scientist in the drug discovery industry. He is Distinguished Professor at University of Southern California in Los Angeles.  Professor Warshel and his research team leverage their knowledge of chemistry, biology and computer science to simulate biological systems to better understand their structure and function. This methodology has pioneered highly effective models for computer simulations of biological molecules, chemical reactions, and interactive drug therapies. He collaborates at MEDIATE project in the framework of EXSCALATE4COV project backed by EU.

Dr. James Beacham is a particle physicist at CERN and world-renowned science storyteller. He is a post-doctoral researcher with Duke University, based in Geneva, Switzerland, and a member of the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider, one of the teams that discovered the Higgs boson in 2012. He searches for dark matter, quantum black holes, and exotic Higgs bosons at CERN and speaks around the world about innovation, science, technology, and art, regularly appearing in various media. Dr. Beacham is collaborating with Chelonia Applied Science as a staff member and Communication Ambassador-at-Large.

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