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We are committed to advance science and accelerate the access to the best technologies to growth.


Chelonia leverages on over 20 years of operations covering a broad range of applications from healthcare to energy technologies, advising large organizations in launching new initiatives and reshaping existing business models. We offer a platform to learn, shape, and network, bringing clients together with technology experts and allowing them to engage in hands-on, interdisciplinary projects.


We serve as a single point of contact between industry and academia. Chelonia acts as a problem solver and system integrator facilitating project initiation and monitoring project execution with the approach of a delivery committed contractor.  We partner public and private sectors to reinforce their technology transfer objective and implement an effective strategy.


We establish powerful relationships with leading business and technology-driven organizations. We are committed to bringing scientists and engineers together to work on a single project with bold goals and tight timelines. Chelonia offers a unique opportunity in setting up global multiparty systems that enable collaboration by providing a shared data infrastructure to build entirely new businesses and revenue models.

How we scale project?
Increasing Understanding

Accelerate fundamental understanding of project’s rationales, mechanisms of action and identification of core pathways

Transforming Economics

Reduction in time and cost of innovation-driven projects.

Improving Access

Shift speed and scale in finding technology solutions and having quick and reliable access to use-inspired scientific discoveries and breakthrough technologies.

Data and Analytics services.
A partnership that benefits Clients.
Unlock powerful insights by tapping into data you didn’t even know you had.

Over 20 years of Chelonia knowhow and experience with research infrastructures and “big data” are today transformed into an unimaginable value for the industry.

Clients in multiple industries and research institutes benefit from the partnership between SAS, the leader in advanced analytics, and Chelonia, a leader in opening roadblocks and delivering research to market, consulting and outsourcing services. Chelonia analyses data from clients’ industrial infrastructure, for monitoring, control and predictive maintenance purposes.  The alliance with SAS enables us to address today’s adaptive ways of doing business. By developing solutions to meet market demands, Chelonia strives to help companies to become industry leaders and research teams in driving the power of data into the projects’ roadmap.

CHELONIA has proven capability to digest huge amounts of data

Know how in setup of ‘big data’ analytics infrastructure: data preparation and data quality, data exploration, analytics, model management and decisioning.

Experience with data analysis across large complex datasets

Know how on deployment at global distributed systems.

Infrastructure build with different analytics components

In depth knowledge of all state-of-the-art open-source and proprietary analytics tools.

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About Chelonia

Chelonia is a pioneering organization with more than two decades of history supporting industry and academia .  By combining technical support, business expertise and funding strategies,  Chelonia aims to reduce times and risks in developing new technologies or adopting them.  
From our office in Basel hosted by Innovation Office of the University of Basel, at global scale we channel use-inspired science in the right direction and to improve the way the world creates and advances innovation.

Trusted by Leaders
Technological Areas 

CHELONIA delivers the most comprehensive analytic solutions available in the widest possible industrial spectrum but with a focus.

•   Early Stage Drug Development
•   Healthcare & Precision Medicine
•   Materials
•   Energy
•   Waste & Byproducts
•   Agriculture & Food
•   Space
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Lighthouse research Projects

Here are just a few of the things people frequently ask about Chelonia.
If you don't see your question here, get in touch with us.



Exscalate4COV is the public-private consortium backed by the European Commission’s H2020 program. It currently represents the most advanced center of competence aimed at fighting the coronavirus by combining the best supercomputing resources and artificial intelligence with state of the art experimental facilities up through clinical validation.


Major digital and computing advancements — including machine learning / artificial intelligence, extreme-scale computer simulations, and big-data analytics — have revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry, and by effectively harnessing these tools in a broader capacity for drug discovery, we have an excellent opportunity to reduce the time-to-patient and to lower the investment risk. Deep-tech project LIGATE develops and validates a portable and tunable drug discovery solution in HPC systems up to exascale level.


Disease epidemics have impacted every society and economy in human history. The key to reducing future epidemics is the early detection of potential pathogens — before they cause large disease outbreaks. This gives researchers time to develop new treatments, public health organizations time to prepare responses, and individuals time to minimize their exposure to sources of disease risk.   Together with a team of scientists from University of Pavia (Italy) and Institut Pasteur (France), we want to detect pathogens before they cause outbreaks while, exploiting best computing resources and AI, predict outbreaks.


Chelonia community is composed of scientists, researchers and innovators, innovation-driven entrepreneurs in all fields of technology, and TTOs.  Everyone passionate about science and technology can be registered. Becoming a member of the Community, you have the privilege to receive insights on market trends, events, and upcoming projects.

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Chelonia Applied Science Podcast

A podcast about the use of scientific discoveries and of technology applications.

We provide the best information on projects participated by Chelonia and many more.

We're on Linkedin!

Chelonia is reimagining links between academia, industry and governmental organizations. We use innovative channels to stimulate conversation and involve stakeholders in our challenging projects.  Our presence on LinkedIN is also part of our outreach and education efforts.

Science Board

Our scientific board aims to better understand the world around us and accelerate progress on some of today’s most fundamental and fascinating scientific challenges.


We accomplish this by combining expertise in a broad range of natural sciences, nuclear physics, protein folding, robotics, biodiversity and climate science.

Chelonia brings together groups of outstanding scientists to address topics of fundamental scientific importance in which a significant new development can make a novel area for exploration in an established field or bring applications in real-life.


Joining together from a broad range of backgrounds, pioneering research scientists and engineers extend their abilities by partnering with industry experts and specialists to explore new topics and conduct applied research.

Ten brilliant minds agree today to join and share Chelonia’s vision 
Outreach, education and engagement programs

Our broad portfolio of services and research projects, both within and outside of Chelonia, inspire journeys in science and entrepreneurship for all audiences.

We support and foster programs that reflect our belief in the beauty of process, the importance of innovation and the transformative power of always asking “why?”.


CERN openlab and Chelonia in 2021 hosted the first-of-its-kind workshop called ExaHealth. The half-day workshop, free and open to all, examined the potential for exascale computing and machine learning to support efforts to improve public health. With recent advancements in HPC towards exascale and the continued development and proliferation of both machine- and deep-learning techniques in all sectors, it is imperative that we ensure these resources are capitalized upon fully in a realm that affects us all: public health.

CECAM series workshops

CECAM (Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moléculaire) is an organization devoted to the promotion of fundamental research on advanced computational methods and to their application to important problems in frontier areas of science and technology. Over the last twenty years, powerful advances in computer hardware and software have supported the extension of these methods to a wide range of problems in materials science, biology and medicinal chemistry. Chelonia has promoted and co-organized workshops presenting projects funded by EU.


A free event series, Chelonia Presents aims to create a space for conversations about science and its broader societal and cultural relevance. Each event pairs one of Chelonia network researchers with special guests to discuss the intersection of their work. Afterwards, we invite everyone in the audience to continue the conversation together over refreshments in a relaxed atmosphere.