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Urgent Computing:  Chelonia joins the consortium identifying molecules effective against COVID-19

Chelonia SA (AG) - aka Chelonia Applied Science, as a member of a consortium, has won a tender invited by the European Commission for a project to fight COVID-19 pandemic. The public-private consortium has a twofold objective:

  1. identify molecules effective against COVID-19

  2. develop and consolidate an effective tool to counter for future viral epidemics 

The project is based on a platform called EXSCALATE (EXaSCale smArt pLatform Against paThogEns), currently the most powerful and efficient smart supercomputing platform in the world, developed by Dompé Farmaceutici.​ Chelonia is the consortia member responsible for dissemination and exploitation activities.

Mathematics and Physical Sciences  

Support research in scientific disciplines through a computational lens.

Chelonia aims to promote, disseminate and exploit fundamental research on the foundations of computer science, as well as to expand the horizons of the field by exploring other scientific disciplines through a computational lens. This second and distinctive goal is motivated by the fact that natural phenomena in many scientific fields (including mathematics, statistics, physics, astronomy, biology and economy), or the models those fields have developed for these phenomena, are intrinsically computational in nature—from chemical processes in living cells to the self-organizing behavior of complex systems of interacting particles, to mechanisms governing human evolution and the collective behavior of competing agents in an economy. The insights gained from such explorations often reflect back to the theory of computation, opening new directions and advancing our understanding of fundamental issues in complexity theory and algorithms.

AIOME Human Microbiome

AIOME is the Chelonia project fully committed to an higher precision medicine approach of health care. AIOME aims to become the artificial intelligence-powered biotech leveraging its proprietary platform to map disease and revolutionize treatments across different conditions and diseases.

By harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence coupled with multi -omics approach and microbiota fingerprint of patients, the project aims to accelerate clinical identification and pursuit of promising therapeutic targets to treat disease. This means more effective precision treatments for individuals as well as a reduction in costs to the healthcare systems.



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