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Science for Success: Navigating the Future of Innovation

Chelonia is a revolutionary initiative that aims to bridge the gap between scientific researchers, academia, and industries by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration. We are more than just a service provider; we are partners in progress. Our mission is to empower businesses with the tools and insights they need to lead in an ever-evolving world. Together, we turn scientific brilliance into commercial success.
Join us in unlocking the future, today.
Brilliant engineer working with cutting-edge technologies
Scientist from Chelonia

Unlocking Innovation with Agility and Expertise: Your Path to Commercial Success

Tailored Expertise: Access to a global network of renowned scientists for specialized, industry-aligned solutions.

Agility and Responsiveness: A compact core team ensuring quick decision-making and adaptability to meet your specific needs.

Strategic Commercialization: Proven success in transforming innovation into viable products and services, driving commercial success.

Pioneering Innovation in Allschwil and Revolutionizing Drug Discovery

"As CEO, I lead a lean, T-shaped team deeply committed to innovation. Based in Allschwil, our office serves as an innovation hub, pioneering AI, data analytics, and cutting-edge tech. Our mission spans industries, but our passion shines brightest in drug discovery. We're dedicated to accelerating life-changing pharmaceuticals using AI and innovation. Join us to redefine medicine's future—where innovation knows no bounds. Contact us to learn more about our groundbreaking work."
Silvano Coletti, Engr. and CEO Chelonia SA

Chelonia creates value, drive progress, and foster innovation. 

Global Scientific Network: Our extensive connections with top universities and research centers worldwide grant us access to a wealth of intellectual capital. This exclusive network empowers us to address challenges with unmatched expertise.

Tailored Integration Solutions: We reject one-size-fits-all approaches. Our team crafts customized strategies and integrations aligned precisely with each client's goals and industry requirements. This ensures innovative, efficient, and relevant solutions.

Accelerated Commercialization: Our expertise extends beyond technology development. We specialize in fast-tracking scientific breakthroughs to market success, providing clients a distinct edge in competitive markets.

Interdisciplinary Innovation: We bridge diverse scientific domains, fostering creativity and delivering comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions.

Ethical & Sustainable Practices: Our commitment to responsible innovation adheres to the highest ethical standards, considering social, economic, and environmental impacts.

Global Reach, Local Expertise: Our global perspective offers access to international markets and research communities, while our localized strategies respect regional needs and regulations.

Enduring Partnerships: We prioritize long-term relationships, acting as strategic partners invested in our clients' continued growth and success at every stage.


By tapping into Chelonia's existing research and academic expertise, businesses can quickly scale their operations and offerings without significant investments in in-house R&D. This scalability can lead to rapid growth and an increased market share.

Proven Expertise: Partnering in Public Projects for Innovation and Excellence

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Agility Meets Brilliance: Your Gateway to Global Expertise

"At Chelonia, our compact core team is our strength, enabling agility and personalized attention. Our vast network of world-renowned scientists and experts amplifies our reach, providing the precise expertise you need, right when you need it, turning innovation into commercial success."
Core Team Chelonia

Trusted Among Leaders 

Since our foundation in 2002, our collaboration with industry frontrunners and renowned organizations reflects a shared commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence, affirming our position as a preferred partner in driving success
Innovation doesn't end with discovery; it thrives on communication. Our podcast and active social media extend groundbreaking results beyond the lab, reaching experts, collaborators, and curious minds. This strategy not only showcases our clients' successes but fosters a knowledge-driven community.

Take Efficiency to the Next Level: Discover What Our Workflow Solutions Can Do for You

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