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Elevating Your Projects
with Precision and Agility

Whether you're spearheading a groundbreaking scientific project or aiming to enhance your market presence, our tailored services deliver the essential support you need without the long-term commitment. By tapping into our extensive expertise across innovation-driven sectors, research institutions, and academic fields, we ensure your projects not only meet but surpass the highest standards and benchmarks, be they industrial or academic. Partner with us to turn your innovative ideas into commercial triumphs.

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About Us

Chelonia SA is a leader in driving innovation in science and technology. Specializing in temporary resource augmentation, particularly for business development and R&D, Chelonia merges scientific expertise with business acumen to advance projects from conception to commercialization. The company's mission centers on empowering academia and industry through strategic partnerships, offering resource enhancements that enable agile responses to market demands. With specializations in drug discovery and engineering, and leveraging cutting-edge computing resources and AI, Chelonia ensures that its clients' projects not only meet but surpass industry standards.

We understand the complex decisions that organizations and research institutions face when navigating investments, conducting advanced market research, and mitigating risks to outperform the competition. Whether it’s a corporation aiming to integrate groundbreaking scientific projects or an academic institution seeking to develop a marketable strategy for a specific research outcome, Chelonia is the preferred partner.

Our approach combines deep scientific expertise with cutting-edge technological acumen to provide comprehensive solutions. Chelonia experts collaborate closely with clients through customizable engagements, ranging from one-on-one consultations and strategic project involvement to interactive workshops tailored to the unique needs of each project.


From Our Clients

At Chelonia Applied Science, we are dedicated to excellence and client satisfaction. Our commitment is reflected in the tangible results our clients achieve through our partnerships. Below, explore detailed use cases that illustrate the impactful solutions we have delivered, helping our clients overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Challenge: A pharmaceutical company was delayed in moving its drug development toward clinical trials due to inadequate scientific insights and outdated technology.

Solution: The company partnered with Chelonia SA, which provided expert advice from key opinion leaders and access to modern technological resources, tailored to their specific needs.

Outcome: The company was able to expedite their R&D process, significantly reducing the time required to reach clinical trials. This collaboration enhanced their R&D strategies and accelerated project timelines.

Use Case: Accelerating Drug Development with Chelonia SA

Challenge: A critical phase of an environmental research project was compromised by the team's difficulty in handling complex datasets, delaying crucial milestones.

Solution: The team engaged Chelonia SA for its expertise in advanced data analytics, receiving tailored support to improve their data handling capabilities.

Outcome: Chelonia’s intervention led to marked improvements in data analysis efficiency, enhancing research quality and helping the team meet and exceed their project timelines.

Use Case: Enhancing Environmental Research through Advanced Data Analytics

Challenge: A company was struggling to improve its market position due to a lack of strategic direction and technical expertise.

Solution: The company sought assistance from Chelonia SA, which provided expert strategic guidance and technical support. Chelonia's proactive team collaborated closely to refine the company’s strategies and enhance their technical processes.

Outcome: Leveraging Chelonia’s insights, the company executed bold, informed decisions that significantly improved their market stance and spurred growth.

Use Case: Driving Business Growth in Competitive Markets

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