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Inspire Discovery.
Empower Sci-Tech Project. Transform in business.

Chelonia Applied Science provides an effective and powerful way to manage your scientific project or R&D platform.  Chelonia is a collaborative organization that
facilitates the advancement of science in academia and the adoption of technologies in pioneering companies.

Access to best resources

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

We Deliver Growth Bringing Your Sci-Tech
Project in Business

“Chelonia Applied Science is a company dedicated to helping you efficiently manage scientific projects by offering access to top resources, experts, and technology. Chelonia simplifies the process of managing research and development projects, allowing for better organization and tracking."

Silvano Coletti, Eng.

Executive Director,  CHELONIA SA

Project Submission

Invitation to submit your project proposal Make Your Mark !

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All-in-One Service Built for Scientific Teams, by Innovators

The Art of Turning Science into a Business 

Prepare the masterplan

Be tested by experts

Meet investors


Plug and Play Sci-Tech Service

The world is moving fast.

We help you to move faster.

Corporate Innovation

We make corporate innovation easier, by matching large corporations with the brightest startups and academia. Increase operational efficiencies, lower costs, find new product lines, and become more innovative from the core.

Accelerator Program

We specialize in driving innovation in over 10 industries. Get in touch with our experts and global newtork of innovation offices and discover how to transform your business.  

Strategic Development

While Chelonia is generally engaged for strategic development of business, reshaping of project's roadmap, our client remain focussed on advancing scientific discoveries or managing R&D platform.

Definition of Data Strategy 

While most companies recognize that their data is a strategic asset, many are not taking full advantage of it to get ahead. We can assist clients in finding the key elements of a successful data strategy that will help to make informed decisions based on data analysis rather than intuition.

Collage spaziale

Exascale ready for Industry

Exascale supercomputers are the next frontier in computing. They can quickly analyze massive volumes of data and realistically simulate  complex processes. We help our clients harness the power of data and AI, modernize core technology and capitalize on new technolog and fuel digital growth.

Trusted Among Leaders

This is a selection of public and private organizations involved in projects participated by Chelonia.

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Why Choosing Us ?

We want to build a smart future. To achieve that, we’re building a unique ecosystem that connects change-makers and leading organizations. Our network consists of startups, world-leading corporations, and of venture capital firms, universities, and government agencies across multiple industries. 

+20 Years Operations and

T-shaped Professionals

We work with the largest corporations and give them access to a strategically-aligned selection of technologies that meet their tech and pipeline interests. Corporate partners also get a unique perspective on the latest tech trends, as well as firsthand access to a network of industry leaders and top-level executives, to learn best practices and set standards.

Plug and Play Contracts

Chelonia implements collaborative business model with the goal to create a collaborative network of diverse stakeholders that would serve as a source of innovation to the specific industry related issue. We always aim to maximize potentials and capacities of the innovation ecosystem.

Collaborative business approach

Explore Chelonia Public Projects

Horizon Europe as well as other similar initiatives seek to fund groundbreaking and innovative research projects with the ability to profoundly impact the world we live in. This means your radical vision for impacting our world and bringing forth change in your field of expertise may be given the opportunity to do just that. The big question left tackling is – how are you going to ensure your vision for impact truly extends as far as possible, past the scientific corridors, to truly engage your audiences and ensure your research brings forth change?

A solid, professional, and innovative strategic and marketing plan will ultimately help you maximise the impact of your project.  This is the reason of the Chelonia's presence in projects. 

Get Ready to Boost Your Growth
With Our Workflow Solutions

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