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We work closely with research centers and universities to find ways for our projects' advances to benefit society.

So far, our footprint have shown in drug discovery, save energy, identify rare disease, accelerate science, and improve industry's R&D platforms up to commercialization.

AI Drug Discovery

Jointly with more than 20 European research centers, Chelonia is participating projects aiming to re-imagine the way drug discovery is implemented, combining the latest AI technique with experimental innovation and high-perfomance-computing to engineer a new set of processes for drug discovery.

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Sex and Gender Differences

Chelonia is part of the team at Women's Brain Project.  The Women’s Brain Project (WBP) is an international non-profit organization based in Switzerland working with patients and caregivers towards the implementation of sex and gender within precision medicine, from basic science to novel technologies.


Digital Therapeutics 

In collaboration with diagnostics laboratories (undisclosed names due to CDA in place), Chelonia is developing new projects aiming to collect annotated data (-omics) from healthy patients and to find new and unexpected pathways.

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Glass of Red Wine
Glass of Red Wine

Agriculture 4.0 

Chelonia participates the consortium VinQ headed by Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Spain. 

The VinQ platform will come in the form of an AI-driven analysis tool that uses uniform machine-oriented standardised and harmonised data and aims to fix the digital traces and objective machine criteria for wine

quality, so it guarantees the origin and quality of wine production through blockchain records of all data and

Science Lab

Energy Efficiency

Worldwide, utilities are facing multiple transformations and disruptions – from climate change, to distributed generation, to new business models. Analytics is essential to the digital transformation of the entire utility enterprise. Thanks to the partnership with the global brand SAS, Chelonia is designing solutions and technologies that provide the analytics foundation utility leaders need for their organization’s digital transformation. 

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Solar Panel Farm8
Science Lab
Science Lab

Science of materials

Chelonia is exploiting AI tools to study topological changes in telechelic micelles: flowers versus stars. Telechelic polymers, bearing two hydrophobic stickers in terminal position with a water soluble backbone, are well-studied model systems for self-assembly. Their properties encompass many interesting aspects of soft matter physics – including hierarchical self-assembly, non-Newtonian flow behaviour, and colloidal interactions. Furthermore, telechelic polymers are very important as associative thickeners in products used in daily life, e.g. paints and cosmetics.