We provide research services geared towards biotech SMEs and pharmaceutical companies, medtech, energy, materials and many others .


We quickly identify scientific expertise requested by a specific project and find the capacity to provide access to the latest technologies and core facilities from within our technology platforms. We serve as a single point of contact, provide support and act as a system integrator to facilitate project initiation and monitor project execution when needed. Our infrastructure consists of dozens of research institutes, internationally.


Specific examples of expertise we have provided:

  • Scientific experts in different fields/technologies and KOLs

  • Big data analytics (AI/ML) and finding of patterns

  • Access to clinical samples and biobanks

  • Support in spinning-out R&D platforms from mid-large sized corporations

  • Stakeholders and community engagements

  • Tailored actions with public funding agencies, charities and policy makers to help improve the translational research and innovation ecosystem

  • Training and executive education for managers

  • Pitching, budgeting and financial evaluation of projects (i.e. project proposal for EU and other governmental organizations, biotech business planning, market assessment for new technologies)

  • Design and implementation of communication strategies for deep-tech companies and research centers


Translational research is a highly multi-disciplinary and complex undertaking. As a consequence, a major challenge in developing new innovations is understanding what steps need to be taken, and what expertise and technologies are suitable to perform these steps. Researchers in need of specialized support can approach Chelonia to provide guidance in the steps to be taken, by means of scientific and technological expertise available within the infrastructure. 

Chelonia helps you de-risk and add value to your project development programme.
We do this by providing fast, tailored access to cutting-edge enabling technologies and T-shaped professionals.


To explore whether we can help with your project, contact our team today.


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