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The Initiatives of Chelonia 

Only for Scientists

Chelonia guides scientists in a sparkling conversation about the essentials of entrepreneurial innovation to turn your scientific ideas into action and raising funds.
Silvano Coletti and Massimo Paturzo have cracked the code for winning in a world defined by innovation-driven ventures, digital engagement, embedded artificial intelligence (AI), and circular economy. They have mastered the ability to realize business value from scratch, avoiding the trap of death valley with several uncertainties and expectations from investors.
The next online event is scheduled June 15th, 2023.  Register #LinkedINLive here


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Drug Repurposing 

Discovery of novel factors targeted by existing drugs for other indications. Thanks to the exploitation of EXSCALATE platform, we aim to support the drug repurposing finding new applications for already available medicines, drugs under development, or candidates that didn’t go through FDA review. Approved or failed, the active molecules can be redesigned for other uses.


Data Analytics in Health Care

The data that flows through business or academia has a unique story to tell. And that story is constantly changing. With SAS fully integrated, open source, cloud-native technology platform, we can understand what’s happening now, predict how to pivot seamlessly, and drive your own progress. As SAS partner, Chelonia aims to help the client in defining the best data strategy and in exploring, analyzing and visualizing data.


EXAHEALTH WorkShop Series

With the advanced state of high-performance computing (HPC) at the exascale, now also quantum computing, and the continued development and proliferation of machine learning (ML) / deep learning techniques in all sectors, it is imperative that we ensure these resources are being used not only for commercial applications but in a realm that affects us all: Public health.  First workshop launched in 2021 jointly with CERN Openlab.


Broad spectrum anti-viral therapeutics for infectious diseases with epidemic potential

Broad-spectrum antivirals are medicines targeting an entire virus family or multiple virus families, therefore having the potential to treat infections caused by different viruses. As such, broad-spectrum antivirals could be an essential tool for pandemic crisis preparedness and early response, in particular when pathogen-specific treatment is not readily available, e.g. in the case of an emerging viral pathogen or new virus variant.


Turning HPR High Potential Research into a Business 

Chelonia collaborates with Innovation Offices from academia and with innovators assisting them into understanding the concepts,
frameworks and techniques needed to bring a scientific discovery to commercialization with a designed business model and a compelling business plan based on milestones. We offer tailor-made one to one workshops to bring ideas or start-up ventures forward.

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