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Public Projects

The EU-funded LIGATE initiative aims to integrate available computer-aided drug design solutions, exploiting today’s high-end supercomputers and tomorrow’s exascale resources. The generated workflow will help overcome existing bottlenecks and support the discovery of novel treatments against ongoing threats such as viruses and multidrug-resistant bacteria.


The development of a new medicine is a lengthy and complex undertaking, and the risks are high as many projects fail during the development process. Exploring the potential use of existing medicines in areas of unmet medical needs is one alternative. In this context, the EU-funded REMEDI4ALL project aims to establish Europe's leadership globally in the repurposing of medicines by creating a vibrant community of practice.  Chelonia assist some member of the consortium WP management and it is part of the "funders' network".



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Scientists of the EU-funded EXSCALATE4CoV project employied the EXSCALATE platform containing the most promising commercialised drugs safe in man, to identify specific inhibitors against COVID-19. The strategy entailed the computational alignment of these drugs against 3D models for the viral proteins, followed by biochemical assays and phenotypic screening of the most promising candidates. Molecules capable of blocking virus replication have been forwarded for development and registration.


The EU-funded AIDD project will work to innovate drug research by preparing a new generation of scientists who have skills in machine learning. This is an essential asset in the development of the chemical industry, including pharmaceutical, agri-biotech and other chemical companies. 

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A podcast about the use of scientific discoveries and of technology applications. We provide the best information on projects participated by Chelonia and many more.

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