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Explainable AI for Molecules

AiChemist Logo

We are excited to present AiChemist, an innovative project backed by Horizon Europe and SERI. AiChemist stands at the forefront of integrating advanced machine learning (AI) in the chemical industry.

Revolutionizing Compound Development

The primary goal in chemical R&D is to optimize biological activity and physico-chemical properties of compounds while minimizing toxicity. AiChemist leverages advanced AI methods to accelerate this process, marking a significant leap in efficiency and precision.

Bridging the Gap with Machine Learning

Traditional ML methods are effective but limited to compounds similar to their training set. AiChemist introduces emerging representation learning approaches, capable of approximating molecular physical interactions with remarkable accuracy and speed. These new models promise a broader applicability domain, having been pre-trained on extensive chemical data sets.

Enhancing Environmental Chemistry

AiChemist also focuses on environmental chemistry, utilizing AI to identify compounds harmful to the environment and humans. This approach is vital in ensuring safer and more sustainable chemical practices.

Addressing the Explainability Challenge

A unique aspect of AiChemist is its commitment to explainable AI (XAI). Despite advancements in ML, there's a notable gap in making AI insights understandable to chemists and regulatory bodies. AiChemist aims to bridge this gap, translating complex AI results into actionable information.

Collaborative Training and Innovation

AiChemist isn't just about technology; it's about people. The project will provide structured training to its fellows, combining online courses and schools to foster European innovation in AI education. This comprehensive training includes transferable skills, preparing participants for diverse challenges in the field.

A Collaborative Effort

Thanks to the combined expertise of partners and a clear technology transfer path to large companies, regulatory agencies, and SMEs, AiChemist is poised to make a significant impact. The project's structure ensures efficient allocation of tasks and resources, making this ambitious research program a realistic endeavor.


AiChemist symbolizes a transformative step in chemical research, harnessing AI to unlock new potentials in compound development, environmental safety, and educational excellence. This project not only signifies innovation in chemical research but also sets a new standard in AI application in industry and academia.



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