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Collaborative Efforts in Outbreak Preparedness: Chelonia's Role in the AVITHRAPID Project

In our continuous effort to advance public health, Chelonia Applied Science is a proud participant in the AVITHRAPID project, an ambitious initiative supported by Horizon Europe funding program and State Secretariat for Education, Research, and Innovation SERI. The project, titled "Antiviral Therapeutics for Rapid Response Against Pandemic Infectious Diseases" (AVITHRAPID), aims to revolutionize our approach to combating emerging viral threats. This article delves into the collaborative efforts underpinning this project and Chelonia's integral role in it.

The Scope of AVITHRAPID: At the heart of AVITHRAPID is the pursuit of novel broad-spectrum antiviral compounds. The consortium is built upon a foundation of pre-existing bioactive small molecules, already validated to a significant degree, to develop pre-clinical candidates targeting multiple viruses. This ambitious goal leverages a comprehensive array of expertise encompassing:

  • Molecular modeling

  • Biochemical and cell-based assays

  • X-ray crystallography

  • Medicinal chemistry

  • Biophysical binding studies

  • ADMETox profiling (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, and Toxicology)

  • In vitro and in vivo pharmacokinetics (PK)

  • Animal disease models

Additionally, the consortium is poised to undertake a Phase 2a clinical trial for a small molecule developed against the Zika virus, marking a significant milestone in its journey.

Beyond these immediate objectives, AVITHRAPID is dedicated to identifying and validating new viral targets, contributing significantly to the search for innovative antiviral solutions. The culmination of these efforts is the establishment of an early-stage drug discovery pipeline, uniquely positioned for rapid identification and development of novel antiviral compounds against emerging diseases.

Chelonia's Role in Communication & Dissemination: As the leader of the Communication & Dissemination Work Package in AVITHRAPID, Chelonia Applied Science is at the forefront of bridging research breakthroughs with practical application and public awareness. Our responsibility extends beyond just sharing information; it involves creating a dialogue with the global community, engaging stakeholders, and ensuring that the project's advancements are accessible and understood by a diverse audience. This role is crucial for transforming scientific discoveries into actionable public health strategies.

The Importance of Collaborative Efforts: AVITHRAPID exemplifies the power of collaboration in addressing complex global health challenges. The convergence of diverse expertise from across Europe and beyond underlines the project's innovative approach to developing antiviral therapies. Supported by Horizon Europe and SERI, and detailed on its CORDIS page, AVITHRAPID is a testament to what can be achieved when we unite in the face of public health threats.

The AVITHRAPID project represents a significant leap forward in our collective ability to respond to pandemic infectious diseases. Chelonia Applied Science is honored to contribute to this vital initiative, leading the way in communication and dissemination efforts. Through projects like AVITHRAPID, supported by the collaborative framework of Horizon Europe and the Swiss Confederation's SERI, we are not just preparing to face the health challenges of today but are also building the foundation to combat the unknown threats of tomorrow.



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