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Chelonia Request for Invention (RFI) helps companies develop the technical advancements critical to build and support their business and provides accompanying patent protection. 

Working in close collaboration with our clients, Chelonia's team


  1. defines, analyzes and frames the opportunity space,

  2. identifies key technical challenges requiring solution- providing a comprehensive specification to focus invention activity,

  3. engages our global network of inventors to develop a diverse set of possible technical solutions,

  4. analyzes these possible solutions for feasibility and viability and recommends the inventions with the best potential for patenting, development, and possible commercialization.  


Our clients participate throughout to guide the invention process to focus on practical solutions with the potential to drive their next generation of products, features and improvements.  

Innovation Basel Office: Gewerbestrasse 24, 3rd Floor |  4123 Allschwil  |  Switzerland

Innovation China Office: No.586 Xihuan Road  |  Keqiao, Zhejiang  |  China

Registered Office: Piazzetta San Carlo 2 |  CP 6314 - 6901 Lugano  |  Switzerland

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