One of the missions of Chelonia Applied Science is to increase philanthropic support for scientific research, including basic research. We accomplish this by understanding the opportunities and complexities philanthropists face in funding basic and applied science, and providing advice and learning opportunities for individual philanthropists and foundation staffs on how to support research most effectively. We believe philanthropy plays a critical role in advancing basic scientific knowledge— knowledge that is essential to the improvement of human health and welfare.


How Chelonia interacts with philantrophy ?

  1. Chelonia provides personalized advisory services that match the goals, vision and desires of new, emerging and current philanthropists passionate of science.

  2. Chelonia connects philanthropists and their foundation staffs with our investigators as well as a network of highly accomplished and distinguished scientists and researchers in life sciences, physical sciences, and mathematics who are able to provide unmatched insight on how to create the greatest scientific impact.

  3. Chelonia is in regular dialogue with philanthropists, scientists, and research institutions about best practices in basic and applied science funding. We provide regular updates to philanthropists and their foundation staffs about the best approaches for successful science philanthropy.

  4. To advise and mentor individuals and foundations regarding science philanthropy, Chelonia convenes workshops, scientific immersions, and intimate topic-specific meetings on both science and philanthropy. 

Chelonia SA (AG) does not solicit funds.


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