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Large particle accelerators, genomic platforms, supercomputers are focal point of intellectual curiosity and creativity orchestrated by Chelonia Applied Science in a new way




In this times, scientific research have become even more important in our daily lives, possibly to say more than in the past.  We understand that science is not an abstract entity but is a need for our future survival on Earth. We understood the importance to be able to predict the mechanism of action of Nature to develop a drug or a vaccine in months instead of years. We realized how magical is the equilibrium that grants us the life. 


So it’s  a common interest to work collectively and it’s critical that we define a new framework that efficiently enables the use of scientific discoveries and technologies engaging all stakeholders. The collective scientific enterprise is designed and managed with the objective to create knowledge and related service for a number of different users. 


Our development model structures dynamic and cosmopolitan scientific communities around major collective enterprises in new collaborative ways, reshuffling the intellectual boundaries across nations, universities, research institutes, and diverse disciplines. The projects can be often costly but benefits for the community supporting these investments and their operations are extremely high, probably x-thousands of times higher.  


The key concept is that knowledge is created by and shared with multiple users. This suggests something more complex than a single laboratory, either large or small. Multiple stakeholders benefit from this innovative organizational architecture, not just a closed group of insiders: coalitions of governments, funding agencies, scientific communities, students, higher-education institutions, companies, users of software and data, users of innovative products and services, and eventually the general public.

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Chelonia S is a Swiss for-profit organization whose mission is to lead and coordinate scientific research projects while inspiring and innovating science. Its scientific experts join forces to enable the use-inspired of scientific discovery and application in industry. 

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