Chelonia works on some of the most challenging steps in advancement of scientific research. Our know-how and technologies enable companies and academia to substantially decrease the time and costs required in the activation of R&D platform. 


Chelonia knows the success of a scientific project or an innovation-driven platform don’t just depend on great science – they has to have access to the best technology, the right investors, and trusted expertise from industry leaders.  This ecosystem was created by Chelonia to share its growing network of premier companies and research centers with its partners.  The Chelonia ecosystem includes a network with industry leading technology, investors and funding opportunities, assistance with setting up and growing a startup, and guidance from fellow entrepreneurs.


Basic science is the true heart of any type of technological achievement of humanity. Without paying attention to this, Chelonia could never claim to be always ahead of the curve and, thanks to the mutual trust created in over 20 years of activity with outstanding research groups and institutions, it could not claim to be involved in great projects.  As of today, several collaborations and co-development projects are in progress with institutions in the domain of:


  • advanced mathematics

  • systems biology

  • computational science

  • chemistry and advanced materials

About Chelonia


Chelonia SA (AG) is a Swiss organization whose mission is to lead and coordinate scientific research projects while inspiring and innovating science. Its scientific experts join forces to enable the use of scientific discovery and application in industry.

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