In the recent years we realized the importance to invest in the next generation of scientists to be engaged actively in our mission.  We are looking for extraordinary young men and woman from various academic disciplines motivated by the common interest for advancement of science.  Main fields of interest are: 


  1. Advanced Mathematics

  2. Systems biology

  3. Computational science and engineering 

  4. Advanced material and chemistry

The candidate should aim for synergistic collaboration and agreement across participants, various universities and research centers located in Europe and worldwide, with Chelonia Applied Science. Participant to the program should propose concrete and strategic actions on R&D addressing gaps, emerging fields and priorities.  

The candidate plays a role as “ambassador” for Chelonia Applied Science and its scientific investigators. The aims are to:

  1. Nominate scientific influencers helping Chelonia to disseminate the passion for scientific discoveries and innovation 

  2. Develop fuller understanding of universities' agenda and priorities from scientific point of view

  3. Map R&D internationally and drive senior scientists and investors’ community in deciding which new technology to invest in.    


Selection criteria:

  • Aged 39 or younger at the time of nomination 

  • Course of study in one of the disciplines mentioned above  

  • Outstanding postgraduate student, or

  • Experienced as a Principal Investigator, group leader or early tenure track professor 

  • Present a recognized record of study and/or research excellence

  • Demonstrate a commitment to serve society at large through exceptional contribution

  • Show an impeccable public record and good standing in their community


The participant to the program has privileges. 


  • She/he will be presented as a Chelonia "Ambassador" in Campus and will be mentioned as collaborator of the company 

  • She/he can propose projects jointly with scientific group from his/her Campus/scientific community 

  • Negotiate and get paid for efforts and challenge in promoting a research if the research project starts and will be awarded by grants or financial investment

  • Help Chelonia to drive its projects’ communication and dissemination at global scale 

Email us at engage(at) or fill the form here.

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Chelonia S is a Swiss for-profit organization whose mission is to lead and coordinate scientific research projects while inspiring and innovating science. Its scientific experts join forces to enable the use-inspired of scientific discovery and application in industry. 

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