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Data and Analytics Service

Unlock powerful insights by tapping into data you didn’t even know you had.

Over 20 years of Chelonia knowhow and experience with research infrastructures, “big data” are today transformed into an unimaginable value for the industry.  Clients in multiple industries and research institutes benefit from the partnership between SAS, the leader in advanced analytics, and Chelonia, a leader in opening roadblocks and delivering research to market, consulting and outsourcing services. As system integrator, Chelonia analyses data from clients’ industrial infrastructure, for monitoring, control and predictive maintenance purposes.  The alliance with SAS enables us to address today’s adaptive ways of doing business. By developing solutions to meet market demands, Chelonia strives to help companies to become industry leaders and research teams in driving the power of data into the projects’ roadmap.

When High Performance Matters

Chelonia helps academia and companies in leveraging on supercomputing resources to reach significant competitive advantages in scientific projects or industrial processes. For example, HPC is used to sequence DNA, automate stock trading, and run artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and simulations — like those enabling self-driving automobiles — that analyze terabytes of data streaming from IoT sensors, radar and GPS systems in real time to make split-second decisions.

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