Chelonia Collaborations bring together groups of outstanding scientists to address topics of fundamental scientific importance in which a significant new development has created a novel area for exploration in an established field and possibly new applications into real-life.

Chelonia Collaboration on Drug Discovery and AI

Chelonia leads the business development and communication of Exscalate drug discovery platform developed by its partner Dompé farmaceutici SpA .  Using HPC and AI, Exscalate is the most advanced computational platform to accelerate lead discovery and lead optimization. 


Chelonia Collaboration on vector-borne diseases

Climate change is already affecting vector-borne disease transmission and spread, and its impacts are likely to worsen. In the face of ongoing climate change, Chelonia wants to intensify efforts to prevent and control vector-borne diseases. 

Image by Егор Камелев

Chelonia Collaboration on AI applied to industry 

Chelonia and Moxoff join forces to bring AI & innovation management solutions to industry in different domains as well as automotive, energy, pharma . 

industry machinary

Chelonia Collaboration with Istituto Mario Negri 

Chelonia and Istituto Mario Negri collaborates in R&D projects aiming to discover new biomarkers in oncology or new pharmacological compounds using AI and ML.