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Code means "Connect & Develop". 

Chelonia team collaborates with in-house R&D teams in order to quickly deliver innovation insights and generate new invention opportunities.

Our teams provide unique and diverse perspectives, deep technical expertise and experience, energy and passion for invention.

Chelonia Rapid Innovation Session is designed to quickly generate innovative concepts in a collaborative atmosphere.  We hand pick a team of global innovators to work closely with our client’s researchers and technologists.  During the session, the teams define (and redefine) key technical challenges and prepare candidate solutions as a group.  The solutions are curated and ranked by the team members in the session and then prioritized for further development.  A short list of the most promising solution concepts is developed and presented to decision makers, including a basic summary of each, the associated technical features and benefits, basic technical and/or initial financial calculations, and any other pertinent analyses.  The key goal is to select two or more solutions for technical demonstration and rapid prototyping over the course of two to three months.  

The process is iterative and helps clients quickly and efficiently identify new innovative approaches for developing technical solutions, tests their technical feasibility, and delivers well-formed concepts to accelerate development efforts.

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