About us

Aiming to connect science to real world problems, Chelonia’s mission is to advance the frontiers of research in basic and applied sciences transforming them into real life applications.  Founded in 2002, the Swiss organization exists to support use-inspired scientific research undertaken in the pursuit of solving most challenging problems inside an innovation-driven corporation or in our daily lives. 


A pandemic is taking lives and livelihoods. Climate change threatens to drown cities and disrupt food supplies. The rapid warming of the Earth, caused by anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, is showing short-term implication in accelerating spillover, and long-term implications for the prevention and control of diseases. Economic growth widens inequalities. These are some of the urgent problems society is wrestling with, where science is critical to our progress.  Rather than guessing at solutions—especially with so much at stake—Chelonia wants to near academia, industry and general public aiming to propose innovative solutions in our daily lives.  


The activities take two forms.


  1. We participate research projects by carrying in-house competences in computational science and networking with top scientists.   Public-private model is the one adopted by Chelonia to launch complex projects aiming to advance research in some specific domain.  

  2. We partner organizations and businesses helping them to solve challenging problems and adopting breakthrough technologies. We believe that if we want to design a molecule to cure a disease, or to provide sufficient food and solve energy-related problems to live, science is absolutely essential. 



Chelonia wants to advance scientific research through computational methods, including analysis of huge data sets to tackle human questions.  Digital devices now give real-time access to a wealth of information on our health, movements, needs – information that offer unprecedented power to make predictions and inform decisions.  New experimental techniques in many fields of study are creating enormous amounts of raw, complex and sometimes noisy data. Understanding and learning from these data and modelling the complex processes they reflect is a pressing concern in the scientific community. At the same time, advances in concepts, algorithms and computation are enabling new kinds of simulations that can capture rich nonlinear, and often time-dependent, processes. These simulations demand increased sophistication in scientific technique, algorithmic development and computation.

Chelonia launched a dedicated team to address these challenges, developing new conceptual, algorithmic and computational methods and bringing them to bear on important scientific issues. We provide a highly interactive environment for physicists, biologists, astronomers, neuroscientists, chemists, computational scientists, data scientists and programmers to work together to create, deploy, apply and support state-of-the-art solutions.

Chelonia leads communication and dissemination activities at international level thanks to a global network and scientific community of followers. Social channels, in-person and online events are some of the instruments for the scope. Outreach & education in mathematics and physical sciences, life sciences are conducted also through a podcast channel available on all platforms.  The global network of companies collaborating with Chelonia or part of the international network are the right audience for exploitation activities following innovation-driven projects.  


Chelonia seeks to create strong collaborations and foster the cross-pollination of ideas between investigators, as these interactions often lead to unexpected breakthroughs. In an effort to promote such interaction between scientists, in 2020 Chelonia launched a new collaborative funding model which bring investigators — sometimes from different disciplines — together to work on a timely and important problem. To date, several collaborations have been launched in and across computational sciences, physical and life sciences domains. To help bring new researchers in multidisciplinary projects, lower barriers of entry and drive research, Chelonia has created and maintains several relationship with top-ranked universities, research centers and offices of development technologies.  


The Chelonia’s outreach and education programs  seek to stimulate a deeper interest and understanding of science among students, scientists, professionals and the interested public.   Chelonia Podcast seeks to illuminate basic and applied research through scientific journalist interviews.  Lecture and Workshop series connect practicing scientists and the interested public with some of the top minds in science in a lecture setting.


Chelonia is an independent Swiss corporation registered at Register of Commerce in Lugano (Nr. CHE-109.905.540) and office in Allschwil, Basel-Area.