Chelonia (as known as Chelonia Applied Science) is the translational and business development institute headquartered in Switzerland with global operations.  In Basel-Stadt, Chelonia is hosted in the building of the Innovation Office of University of Basel with which there is a strategic collaboration in disseminating science and new technologies. Enabling the use of scientific discoveries, the mission of Chelonia is to advance the frontiers of basic and innovative research aiming to convert research findings into tangible technology improvements. Talking with businesses, Chelonia’s mission is to initiate, support, develop and translate world-class research into real-life applications.


We do this by:

  • Making cooperation agreements with medium and large sized companies

  • Setting up collaborations with research centers, institutions and universities

  • Engaging scientists as principal investigators in world-class projects

  • Collaborating with technology transfer offices from outstanding institutions


We count more than 2,000 researchers affiliated to our global platform in over 40 countries. 

This ecosystem was created by Chelonia to share its growing network of premier companies, business developers and scientists. This ecosystem includes a network with industry leading technology, investors and funding opportunities, assistance with setting up and growing a startup, and guidance from fellow entrepreneurs.

Chelonia supplies a broad range of markets — including pharma, medical, biotech, environment — with an even broader range of technological solutions developed by our partners and developers outstanding research institutions and scientists.

Jointly with outstanding research partners and global clients, Chelonia projects can be also funded through public sources as well as:

  1. European Commission

  2. National Institute of Health (NIH)

  3. Innosuisse 

  4. Swiss National Science Fund

Leading companies around the world and across many industries can also engage Chelonia with a mandate for "Request for Innovation" amplifying their ability to innovate in order to grow their business and improve core processes. In this case funding comes from the client.  We de-risk the innovation process for stakeholders. The Chelonia innovators can propel and unblock the innovation process through critical phases such as scouting of invention as viable solution to hard problem, licensing-in of innovation, venture design and talents recruitment.  

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