One of the primary elements of Chelonia success is the commitment to work at the intersection of basic science and application, so-called Pasteur’s quadrant. 

Chelonia Applied Science Institute is not a pure science organization, but neither is it a pure application organization. It sits firmly at the intersection of the two and, to be successful, it needs the minds of the basic scientist and the engineer, those in universities, and those in industry. And it needs them working together, often on a single project, in the cauldron created by the urgency and demands of a global problem. This is almost a unique characteristic of Chelonia projects, which are often multi-discipline, multi-community, and multi-stage. This also depends on strong partnerships, humility, and respect because work in Pasteur’s Quadrant depends on a robust basic science discovery engine and organizations that scale innovations in the public and private sector.


Advancing the frontiers of basic research is a passion and a mission of ours.  Translate research findings into real-life applications is consequence by Chelonia's nature.


Chelonia is hosted in the building of the Innovation Office of University of Basel with which there is a mutual collaboration in disseminating research and new technologies.  

We count more than 2,000 researchers affiliated to our global platform in over 40 countries. This ecosystem was created by Chelonia to share its growing network of premier companies, business developers and scientists. This ecosystem includes a network with industry leading technology, investors and funding opportunities, assistance with setting up and growing a startup, and guidance from fellow entrepreneurs.

Chelonia projects are frequently funded through public sources as well as:

  1. European Commission

  2. National Institute of Health (NIH)

  3. Swiss National Science Fund

Leading companies around the world and across many industries can also engage Chelonia with a mandate for "Request for Innovation" amplifying their ability to innovate in order to grow their business and improve core processes. In this case we de-risk the innovation process for stakeholders. The Chelonia innovators can propel and unblock the innovation process through critical phases such as scouting of invention as viable solution to hard problem, licensing-in of innovation, venture design and talents recruitment.  

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Chelonia SA (AG) is a Swiss Institute whose mission is to lead and coordinate scientific research projects while inspiring and innovating science. Its scientific experts join forces to enable the use-inspired of scientific discovery and application in industry.

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