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Chelonia (as known as Chelonia Applied Science) is the global translational and business development institute headquartered in Switzerland. The mission of Chelonia is to advance the frontiers of basic and innovative research aiming to convert research findings into tangible technology improvements.


Founded by Silvano Coletti, Chelonia support of science takes many forms: partnering outstanding research centers and advising global corporations, Chelonia launches its own projects and advise external teams, delivers critical data, delivers market information, design workflows, leads business project development and finally de-risk investors’ and philanthropists’ financial commitments. Main fields of interest are life sciences, physics, computational science and engineering.   The Chelonia story began end XX siècle with the foundation of a venture partially owned by Nomura, the bank of Japan, and Silvano Coletti.  The company was founded to solve an unmeet need in coding materials and byproducts to reintroduce in new industrial cycles of production.  This was the first project towards the "circular economy" and e-markets.   We now have more than 2,000 researchers and business developers affiliated to our global platform of outstanding laboratories and research institutes in over 40 countries worldwide, and we work with over outstanding partners to deliver successful life-changing projects into real life.