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Chelonia Applied Science is on a bold entrepreneurial mission to help customers reduce the time from new ideas to life-changing innovations.  

The Chelonia story began end XX siècle with the foundation of a venture partially owned by Nomura, the bank of Japan and one of the world’s biggest investment bank, and Silvano Coletti.  The company was founded to solve a market problem in coding materials and byproducts to reintroduce in new industrial cycles of production.


Over the years we evolved, adding a broad range of services to meet customer need:  many organizations face the challenge of understanding the potential innovation holds for their business and how to then integrate it. With deep industry knowledge and expertise in these specific technologies and trends, we identify business opportunities and develop robust strategies to realize this potential. 


We now have more than 2,000 researchers and business developers affiliated to our global platform of outstanding laboratories and research institutes in over 40 countries worldwide, and we work with over outstanding partners to deliver value and success for our customers. 

But this is not all.  Since 2019, we are engaged in setting-up a new not-for-profit vehicle dedicated to the basic science. The mission is to advance scientific research through computational methods, including data analysis, theory, modeling and simulation.  New experimental techniques in many fields of study are creating enormous amounts of raw, complex and sometimes noisy data. Understanding and learning from these data and modelling the complex processes they reflect is a pressing concern in the scientific community. At the same time, advances in concepts, algorithms and computation are enabling new kinds of simulations that can capture rich nonlinear, and often time-dependent, processes. These simulations demand increased sophistication in scientific technique, algorithmic development and computation.

Chelonia is managing operations from its offices in Basel area, Switzerland, and Keqiao district, China.  The Basel region is one of the world’s undisputed leading destinations in the life sciences sector.  But not only in this sector - especially in related industries, too, such as chemicals, nanotechnology, medtech, cosmetics and nutraceuticals, there is a growth of interesting clusters of successful companies in the Basel region. 

Innovation Basel Office: Gewerbestrasse 24, 3rd Floor |  4123 Allschwil  |  Switzerland

Innovation China Office: No.586 Xihuan Road  |  Keqiao, Zhejiang  |  China

Registered Office: Piazzetta San Carlo 2 |  CP 6314 - 6901 Lugano  |  Switzerland

E-mail us:  admin(at)

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